The little dude is really hitting his stride when it comes to eating real food. He has a few teeth and can finally use those pesky hands pretty effectively.

I’ve been trying to give him more and more solid foods rather than purees just to get him used to chewing. This has been tough with veggies though. Even blanched or roasted veggies can be a bit tough for him to chew.

His hands down favorite food so far is spaghetti so I guess he’s a human baby after all. Who doesn’t love spaghetti, right?

This week though I threw him a curveball and plopped a few big spoonfuls of spaghetti SQUASH down on his tray. He was skeptical, but after he tried a few strands he loved it just as much as the real pasta.

So if you have a kiddo who loves spaghetti and doesn’t love veggies, now’s the season to introduce them to the spaghetti squash! Just roast them for about 30 minutes and use a fork to shred them into “skettis.” Works like a charm!

Fall recipes abound!

Homemade Veggie Pho – This is a nice switcheroo from the classic beef pho and would be a great Sunday recipe. I can see it simmering all day during sports and then dinner is ready! (@ Healthy Delicious)

Prickly Pear Syrup – I love love love prickly pear cactus but have always bought it. If you happen to live in an area where you can find fresh though, this is a great tutorial on how to handle them! (@ Hunter Angler Gardner Cook)

Easy PB+J Donuts – These are one of those shortcut recipes that I back 100%. They look so good and are the perfect mix between donuts and sandwiches. Plus, you don’t have to make dough so… bonus! (@ Joy the Baker)

Crispy Honey Porter Sticky Chicken Wings – It’s football season and I’m in full wing mode. If you showed up at my house with these, we would be friends. (@ The Beeroness)

Happy fall everybody!