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Nick Evans

Hey there, I’m Nick Evans

I’ve posted over 1,000 recipes on Crunch Time Kitchen. For each one, I do my best to give full explanations of what I did and tips on what I’d do differently next time. I’ll bring up the tricky parts and the easy parts. There will be photos. Oh yes.

I’m a self-taught home cook and have been writing recipes for home cooks for 15 years. I have no formal training. I experiment with all types of cooking and love trying new stuff.

I made Crunch Time Kitchen to help you find a recipe when you need a WIN.

More about me…

I’m 40-year old Dad and live in Denver, CO with my wife and official taste-tester, Betsy. We have two kids.

My first full cookbook, Love your Leftovers was published in 2014.

I’ve been featured on two major cooking shows over the years. First, I was featured on NBC’s show Food Fighters in 2015, fighting my way through five extremely talented chefs to try to win $100,000!

More recently, I was on featured on the Netflix cooking show, Cook At All Costs. That was very fun!

If you have a question about a recipe, leave a comment on that recipe and I’ll do my best to respond. If you have a general question or just want to say howdy, please contact me.

Happy cooking!

Nick Evans with his two children

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