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Love Your Leftovers

The savvy approach to cooking in bulk, planning meals, and eating better.

“Leftovers” is not a bad word

Smart cooks and chefs all over the world know that leftovers represents time and money you’ve already spent! Why not use it?

Love Your Leftovers will show you how to create foundation dishes, in decent quantity, when you have the time–perhaps on a lazy Sunday afternoon–and then repurpose those leftovers to make other delicious dishes throughout the week. Cooking this way saves time and money and allows busy people to eat well every night.

Stop asking “What’s for dinner tonight?” and start asking “What’s for dinner this week?”

Love Your Leftovers includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert options as well as a wide range of cuisines. If you make a Roast Chicken one night, you can then make Chicken Tortilla Soup, Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta, or Chicken and Dumplings another night. A Flank Steak can morph into Spicy Beef Wontons or Vietnamese Noodle Salad. Spicy Black Beans can become Black Bean Burgers or Crunchy Black Bean Tacos.

Love Your Leftovers features chapters on kitchen and pantry basics and Meal Planning 101, as well as a helpful index of vegetarian and thirty-minute meals.

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Love Your Leftovers by Nick Evans

Praise for Love Your Leftovers

“Nick’s brilliant book isn’t just about leftovers, but also about delicious and practical everyday eating. Each chapter is filled with cooking insight, valuable technique and tempting homemade recipes that go beyond one simple dish. He makes magic out of leftovers.”

—Todd Porter and Diane Cu, Bountiful,

“Nick presents a ton of amazing, straightforward and fun recipes that will make anyone’s life more delicious. This book is a one-stop shop that will give you an arsenal of new ideas for all those leftovers in your fridge!”

—Gaby Dalkin, Absolutely Avocados,

“I have never seen a cookbook laid out in such a unique yet totally logical way.”

—Dan Whalen,, Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Foods Cookbook

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