I’ve been using ButcherBox occasionally for many years now and I thought it was worth it to update my ButcherBox Review with new information and recipes!

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Finding high-quality meat to feed my family is always a goal for me when I’m grocery shopping. I’m always willing to spend a few extra bucks for good quality.

But, it can still be a struggle to find trusted meat. If you do find high-quality meats, it will of course be more expensive than the bargain bin at the grocery store.

Off-and-on over the last two years, I’ve used ButcherBox – a company that packages a variety of high-quality meats and sends them directly to your door. I always love their products (and ease of pausing/starting shipments)! Read on to check out the details and try it out yourself!

My ButcherBox
My First ButcherBox

What is ButcherBox?

ButcherBox is a company that was founded in 2015 with the goal of bringing really great meat to consumers’ doors. While they started with grass-fed beef, they now ship a variety of high-quality meats.

How ButcherBox Works

You have probably used a subscription service similar to ButcherBox if you order stuff off of the Internet regularly. Essentially, you choose from a variety of plans with different quantities and cuts of meats and then choose how often you want the boxes delivered.

You do get to choose from cuts of meat as well if you choose the custom box plans.

Butcherbox Review - Plan selection

Quite honestly, I usually choose the basic or curated plans because I like getting some stuff that I don’t pick just so try new things.

Box size

No matter what plan you select, you will then have to choose the box size that you go with. The big box is BIG and you need to make sure you have enough freezer space for it. For our city-based family, I can only ever fit the Classic Box.

If you choose the custom box, you can then select which cuts you want. Again, I don’t usually do this as it is a bit more expensive and I’m not that picky.

Variety and Choice

Once you sign up, you can also customize your boxes to include items you like and you can customize the schedule. Unlike some delivery services, they won’t send you a box unless you want one!

Some of the cuts that are available from ButcherBox are hard to find unless you order them from a custom butcher, so it’s nice to have some unique options. They also have really high-quality standard items like ground beef and chicken wings though if you want to stick to that.

How ButcherBox Arrives at your house

I’ve never had an issue with any ButcherBox delivery (I can’t say that for every delivery service I’ve tried). My boxes arrive frozen at my door. The meats are always well-packaged and I’ve noticed zero issues thawing and cooking with them.

If you do have an issue, they of course have a customer support team that can help send you a new box.

Quality Meat

Quality is very important for me when it comes to meat. Here are the ButcherBox guarantees on their meat. All of their meat is humanely raised and has no antibiotics or added hormones.

  • Beef: 100% grass-fed and finished, pasture-raised
  • Pork: Heritage Breed Pork (raised with traditional, sustainable farming methods)
  • Chicken: Free-range, USDA-certified organic
  • Salmon: Wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon

My First ButcherBox Steak

Butcherbox Review - Seared STeak
Not bad.

The first thing I cooked out of my ButcherBox was a delicious steak, which I reverse seared and served with asparagus.

It was, um, delicious.

ButcherBox Review: Pros and Cons

For my ButcherBox Review, I wanted to note some of the Pros and Cons of ButcherBox that I’ve noticed over the years.

Pros of ButcherBox

  • Variety – They are constantly changing the cuts of meat that are on offer, which is nice.
  • Easy to Use – Need to cancel or skip a shipment? They make it easy.
  • Taste and Quality – As mentioned, all the meat I’ve ever gotten from them has been really delicious and high quality.
  • Fair Pricing – I’m not going to tell you that ButcherBox is the cheapest meat you can buy, but if you tried to buy similar meat from local grocers, the cost is on par.

Cons of ButcherBox

  • Space Concerns – If you live in a city or just don’t have a lot of freezer space, it might be a struggle to fit everything in your box when it arrives. Someday I’ll get that huge deep freezer I’ve had my eyes on!
  • Packaging – We have tried to get better about recycling and using less. Obviously shipping meat has some packaging involved although most of the ButcherBox packaging can be recycled if that’s offered in your community.
  • Budget – If you are truly looking for a very economical meat option (if cost is your primary issue), then you might want to look elsewhere for your meats.
  • Planning – If you are getting boxes that you don’t customize, then you’ll have to plan a bit to figure out how to use the cuts. I find this fun, but some might find it a challenge. Luckily, the Internet exists and finding recipes isn’t too hard.

Recipes that go well with ButcherBox

What good would this ButcherBox review be without some recipes?! Of course, ButcherBox has a large recipe archive that you can use to find stuff, but if you wanted to make some stuff from the Macheesmo world, here are some ideas!