The pull of March Madness gets me every year. Mostly I think I like this crazy tourney because I love cheering for underdogs. You better believe I don’t have Kentucky winning in my bracket. It’s just too easy!

I used to watch a ton of basketball during this weekend, but with Theo around, I think I’ll be a bit more measured in my watching. We have a park day planned this weekend so some of my viewing will be limited.

Every year, I split a bracket with a good friend in a fairly large pool. If you’re interested, here is our full bracket. Our general strategy is to pick a strong, but not popular winner. This year we went with Villanova solely because no ESPN expert picked them.

I’d love to hear people’s picks for their brackets though! Leave a comment!

Coming Up…

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a new chicken wing recipe that I’ve been working on. Could there be a better time? Also, next week I’ll give you a skillet dip recipe that you won’t really want to share and a new seasoning mix with a weird, but delicious, ingredient.

The NCAA – With March Madness in full swing, this is an especially important video in my opinion. I’ve been really loving John Oliver’s new show and love that they put large chunks of it on YouTube. This video is totally worth the 20 minute watch and is a good reminder how crazy the NCAA has gotten. (@ Last Week Tonight)

Dandelion Salad – I love the idea of foraging. The idea of it. I’m pretty bad at actually doing it although I have done it on a few occasions. This salad though seems like a pretty good intro to foraging from the expert, Hank Shaw. (@ Hunter Angler Gardener Cook)

How to Make a Bechamel Sauce – This is a great reminder and walkthrough on a classic sauce. If you plan on making a cheese dip this weekend, you’ll want to remember this method! (@ Brown Eyed Baker)

Have a great weekend everybody. Go Sports!