The last month has been an absolutely crazy month of travel for us. We took two long road trips with the kiddos to see my family and I took a trip to Minneapolis for a blogger event. Normally, I tend to be a home body so it was a lot of travel for me.

Looking back on the photos Betsy and I took though, it was really fun and we feel super comfortable traveling with the kiddos now. They are excellent travelers and it turns out way more flexible than their parents!

I thought I’d share a few pictures from the month of travels for those interested!

Family Trips

For two weekends out of the last four we took pretty long car trips to visit my mom and dad. All combined we spent about 25 hours in the car as a family. We learned a lot about each other, as you do. Mostly, that our 6-month old Darby is completely chill almost always. Secondly, that Theo has very high demands for what he expects to see while in the car. If you see two horses, he would like to see three please. So on and so forth.

But eventually, we got to relax and my mom got some good cuddles with her granddaughter, who, in this particular photo, is practicing her magic hands.


When we visited my Dad, we spent a lot of time outside. In this photo for what could be the album cover of Americana, Theo is building a city of mud pies.

Darby, however, just laughed at how hard he was working on something that would soon be destroyed by the rain.



I’ll be honest. We didn’t eat super-well during our travels. I saw the inside of more McDonald’s than I’ve seen in over a decade. No joke. If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t not like McDonald’s. I had their new chicken sandwich and it was pretty decent. They were also all exceedingly clean and we could stay as long as we wanted. We camped out at one for over an hour just to let the kids relax some.

One of our better eating moments though was taking Theo to the diner I spent days and nights at as a kid. This place is old and a lovely institution. It hadn’t changed at all since I was last there. Diner food is the best.

Old school cool.

A Land O’Lakes Trip

A few weeks ago I headed out to Minneapolis (my first time there!) to visit the Land O’Lakes team. Surprise. We cooked with A LOT of butter. I got to take a picture in front of their test kitchen butter wall.

One day we traveled out to probably the most idyllic farm possible to visit Sadie on her beautiful family farm. I got to milk a cow!

It was a really fun trip and I got to connect with all the other amazing bloggers that will be working with Land O’Lakes this year. Let’s see if I can get this right (from left to right):


Home At Last

It feels like we haven’t been home much in the last month (because we haven’t), but we have had some fun when we are home. We are really enjoying chilling on the front porch. Theo is into wearing different socks and Darby is into being dressed cute by her momma.


We got in a hike which added some time to our car time for the month, but was worth it. The little one was a bit on the fence about it, but she warmed up to the idea after a mile (we only went one and half miles).


And most importantly, we gave Theo the treat of re-enacting his favorite scene from one of his favorite books (It’s Okay to Be Different) by letting him eat Mac n Cheese in the bathtub!

Thanks Todd.

It was a long month, but we are very happy we made all the trips and are equally happy to be home!